Buying Rental Homes for Investment

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Enhance Your Acquisition Team!

As an investor, your needs are different than the typical home buyer. When buying investment homes for rental purposes you need someone who can identify and show you multiple properties, make sure the paperwork happens right and on time, and procure a tenant.

Helping You Achieve Your Investment Goals

Before you buy you need a plan (including an exit strategy). Questions to consider:

  • What are your investment goals and objectives?
  • Will you be investing for income or capital appreciation, personal use or a combination?
  • Are you investing for tax purposes (such as a 10-31 exchange)?
  • Do you plan to be "hands on" or hire a property manager?


Investment Minded Real Estate Professionals

We serve our investor clients with a full complement of professional real estate services, helping you achieve your investment goals, locate and build a solid portfolio of quality residential real estate investment properties, and manage your transactions from negotiation to settlement and beyond.  Contact us with your needs or to start your property search now.

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